The Backyard Pizza Oven: A Great Alternative To Barbecuing

The backyard pizza oven is not only gaining in popularity, it is also more available and affordable. While many celebrities boast the most expensive models, the average American is more recently making this “fad” a norm. Instead cooking food on their gas or propane barbecues, they are installing outdoor pizza ovens.


Pizza ovens are rapidly gaining attention. Although they had always been popular in Europe, they are now becoming a fixture in American back yards. In fact, some real estate agents suggest adding one may actually help you increase your chances of selling your home. They are an enrichment feature for your back yard like adding a deck or garden.

While size does matter to some individuals, pizza ovens are not all the giant ones you see in restaurants. You can purchase them in a variety of sizes. Some backyard pizza ovens are so small you can place them on a regular table. However, you can purchase medium and larger sizes.

An Alternative to Barbecuing

While pizza ovens are renowned for baking the ultimate pizza, this is not their sole purpose. In Italy, people use them to make bread. They are also great for barbecuing and roasting practically everything. Pizza ovens can:

  • Roast shoulders of lamb
  • Barbecue chicken
  • Roast pork
  • Bake fish dishes
  • Bake bread
  • Cook/bake desserts
  • Roast fresh vegetables

They accomplish this to perfection. The ovens, like outdoor grills, prove to provide the right atmosphere for a social gathering. They add a special touch to your garden.

Backyard Pizza Oven

Americans love to barbecue. They enjoy it outside at almost any time of year – although May to September is best for many. Today, the barbecue has become more fashionable and aesthetically pleasing. Instead of metal hoods and gas, you can now purchase the old-fashioned but very efficient and easy to maintain backyard pizza oven. It will prove itself worth keeping from the instant you taste the food it produces.


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