Ways to Treat a Bulging Disc in Your Lower Back

If you’ve ever experienced significant back pain, you know how hard it can be to function in your daily life. This is especially true if the source of your pain is a bulging disc. For many people, a bulging disc is a major problem in their lives, as it can lead to chronic, debilitating pain. Also, as we age, our spines deteriorate, making this issue much more common in the elderly. Thankfully, however, as common as they are, there are many treatment options for bulging discs. If you live in the New Jersey area, you can easily find a back and pain center to help you get your back on track.

To better treat your bulging disc, you first have to understand where exactly it is and why it’s out of whack. A chiropractor will help you understand your issue and give you the best treatment options, as well as give you advice on how to prevent further pain in the future.

Stay Active
Part of the reason our spines deteriorate and become brittle is the fact that we don’t use them as much as we age. Thus, to help prevent this problem, it can be important to stay active and keep your spine in tip top shape.

Sleep and Rest
In addition to staying active, you must also make sure not to overexert yourself. If you currently have a bulging disc, it’s important that you don’t do anything to make things worse. Rest if possible so your spine can work to heal itself.

Work on Posture
Most Americans do not have proper posture, which can lead to a host of spinal problems. To help prevent bulging discs or any other back injury, make sure to keep your posture as straight as possible, so you don’t accidentally let anything slip.

Anti-Inflammatory Diet
Inflammation is a major part of what causes pain and discomfort. To help alleviate your symptoms, you should try to stick to an anti-inflammatory diet. Pills and certain foods can help reduce inflammation and keep you in shape.


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