Warning Signs that You Have an Invisible Leak

With the drought on the mend, the last thing you want to do in California is waste water. Leaks are always a nuisance, but never more so than when you see the hike in your water bill. However, of all the plumbing problems you can encounter, leaks can be the most difficult to detect. They can occur in the walls, or even underneath your home. If you’re unsure if you need water leak service in Los Angeles area, look out for these warning signs.

Decorative Difficulty

If you frequently clean your bathroom and always turn on a fan when you shower to keep down excess humidity, but find that you still have mildew, cracked paint, peeling wallpaper, or mold, it’s a sign of a leak. It means that the water must be coming from within the walls rather than the actual room, and indicates that a hidden pipe is dripping water where it shouldn’t be.

Noticeable issues with the walls, ceiling, and flooring are also signs of leaks. If there are mysterious stains, buckling, or dripping from any part of the bathroom, then there is likely a leak. You should address this quickly, as otherwise it can lead to collapse of drywall or ceilings, and will exponentially increase the cost of repair.

A Disconcerting Smell

If your home, or a specific room in your home, is beginning to smell like stale water or mold, this could be a sign of a hidden leek. Look for any other possible sources, and if you don’t find any and the smell persists, call a plumber.

High Water Bill

Even if your home is showing no signs of a leak, a high water bill can give it away. Since your water heater will always be pushing water somewhere, there will likely be a large spike in usage. If you can’t find any other reason, it might be time to check for a leak.

If you notice any of these warning signs around your home, business, or other place, it may be time to employ water leak services in the Los Angeles area. The longer a leak persists, the worse it gets, so don’t hesitate to get at least leak detection.


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