Ways to Keep Shingles and Decking in Peak Condition After Residential New Roof Installation in Brookfield, WI

Residential new roof installation in Brookfield, WI is typically the biggest home improvement project homeowners will ever have done. Naturally, they want to know strategies for making that roof last as long as possible. Roofing contractors can provide a variety of tips that will keep the shingles in excellent condition for many years to come.

The Right Contractor

Choosing high-quality shingles for residential new roof installation in Brookfield, WI should be one of the biggest priorities. Warranties from reputable shingle manufacturers last for many years. Labor also should be done by skilled roofers with a licensed company.

Sun and Air

Sunlight and air should be able to reach the shingles so they easily dry out after rain. That means keeping the roof free of organic debris that can collect there, like leaves and evergreen needles, pine cones, tree seeds, and blossoms. Shingles start to deteriorate when they are always covered with debris and moisture is trapped underneath.

A similar concern is to have branches trimmed that are dragging on the roof, as that is hard on the shingles. Ideally, the branches would be pruned far enough back so the roof isn’t shaded all the time.

Preventing Dark Streaks

If the previous roof had problems with dark streaks due to algae growth, the appearance of the new roof can be maintained by asking the roofers to install metal strips at the roof peak. These products are made of aluminum and zinc, and they release metal ions when it rains. Algae, moss, and mold cannot survive under these conditions.

Fixing Leaks

After a roof has been installed by a contractor such as Waukesha Roofing & Sheet Metal Inc., prompt repairs as needed will prevent water damage to the wood decking under the shingles. When leaks are left to continue for any length of time, they tend to get worse. Even a small leak can cause a great deal of destruction over time by gradually rotting away the wood. In this type of climate, mold and mildew are substantial risks once that situation develops. Some homeowners like to have an annual inspection done by contractors who will fix any problems that have occurred.


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