4 Cosmetic Dental Procedures You Should Try

There are plenty of cosmetic dental procedures that may be right for you. Here’s a look at some of them. Read through the following to see which options will suit you.

Teeth whitening
If you want to get your pearly whites back, then ask about this ideal procedure when you make an appointment with a specialist for cosmetic dentistry in Sterling. If your teeth have suffered discoloration or are stained due to your diet or the drinks you usually consume, then a teeth whitening session can brighten up your teeth.

Dental veneers
The teeth whitening procedure doesn’t work on all stains or teeth discolorations, though. For instance, if that yellow cast to your pearly whites isn’t from nicotine, but rather from the thinning dentins of your teeth, then that could be due to old age. You can opt for cosmetic dental veneers instead. These are thin shells that can be attached to the front of your teeth. That’s one way to make the stains go away.

Dental implants
Implants are another type of tooth replacement option. If you have missing teeth, then talk to a specialist for cosmetic dentistry in Sterling. Find out what your options for replacing your missing teeth are. While dental implants are a good choice—they’re durable, secure, last you a long time and more—they’re not the right treatment for everyone. If you don’t have enough jawbone, then there isn’t going to be enough bone mass to support the implant. However, you may want to ask your specialist about mini implants. That could be a possible workaround.

Dental crowns
Also called caps, these are put over your teeth to seal off a large cavity, or one that has had a large filling. The cap serves to protect a tooth that’s already vulnerable and enables it to handle biting pressure without being chipped or damaged in any way.

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