Waterproof Deck Coating: Creating A Watertight Solution

You can create a waterproof deck through utilizing one of several methods. The solutions fall into one of three main categories:

1. Coatings
2. Membranes
3. Physical catchments

Of these three possibilities, a waterproof deck coating is among the most common in Seattle WA.

Surface Coatings

A waterproof coating for your deck is a surface coating. They involve the application of specifically designed liquid materials. They generally fall into one of the following major categories:

1. Polyurethanes or Polyurea: This type of coating exhibits a variety of positive qualities including the following:

a. Easily withstands moisture
b. Possesses a hard finish
c. Wears very well
d. Is quite flexible
e. Functions well when you have decks that move

In a spray, it provides waterproofing in a seamless swathe as long as the boards or cement do not feature openings or visible seams.

2. Acrylic Polymer: While more versatile in terms of color and shades, as a water-based material, it is not a good idea to utilize this material in environments subject to puddling water. However, many types or brands possess a crack bridging capacity

3. Epoxies: Harder and more durable than acrylics are, this type of waterproof deck coating is not as tough as urethane.  It is excellent, however, for improving the water-resistant capabilities of cement.

With these and other choices available, consult a professional before purchasing the material or hiring someone to do it for you.

Waterproof Deck Coating

If you have a deck, you need to waterproof it. Protecting it from the ravages that moisture can cause is important. Failure to do so will not only result in a shabby, unattractive deck, but also a potentially unstable one. Rot can set in. Planks can become free. By applying a waterproof deck coating, you can reduce the risk of deterioration and increase longevity. This ensures you can enjoy the deck and the amenities it has for many years to come.


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