Options For An Epoxy Garage Floor In Nashville

Having a great looking garage floor doesn’t mean spending time repainting and resurfacing the floor every couple of years. In Nashville, home and commercial property owners can choose a professional service that will provide custom application of an epoxy garage floor that will last a lifetime.

The biggest decision that Nashville home and commercial property owners will need to make is the color and the appearance of the flooring. Once this is determined, the installers will schedule an appointment and then arrive to get the job done. For most homes and commercial properties, the preparation of the concrete and the application of the epoxy garage floor is completed in just a day or two; then there will be some additional drying time of up to seven days before full use.

Options to Consider

One of the great things about epoxy garage floor is that specialized chips can be added to the base color to create patterns that are unique and add to the look of the flooring.

Professional companies can replicate the look of very expensive types of flooring materials including granite, quartz, and terrazzo, but with a product that is considerably more durable.

The granite look offers the most contrast between the background color and the chips. This will create a very striking look that can range from neutral colors of browns and tans to vivid blues and greens. Since the chips are applied during the installation of the flooring, professional services can customize the look to your requirements.

Quartz finishes offer a smaller chip that mimics the look of this very popular interior floor and countertop option. Terrazzo finishes are developed with the custom broadcasting of the chips to provide the density of the color and patterns that are perfect for any commercial or residential floor.


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