Want to Sell High-End Jewelry? Here Are Some Tips

Before going to Sell High-End Jewelry, it is vital to first have an understanding about what to expect. Selling high end jewelry is very different than selling any other item because jewelry is often so incredibly valuable. If the metal is gold, platinum, or another high end metal it is best to first check the price of precious metals on the Internet. There are many different places online to check the “spot price.” The spot price refers to the amount that each precious metal is worth based on market prices that day. Most jewelry buyers will pay very close to the spot price for fine metals, minus a fee for their handling the sale.

Some fine jewelry is not just metal, but is rather focused on the diamonds or other precious gems. The most precious gems are diamonds, emeralds, rubies, and sapphires. All can be worth some money, but diamonds tend to reign supreme. Only top quality flawless emeralds, which are exceedingly rare, can be worth more than a nice quality diamond. Diamond value is based upon four different factors: Color, cut, clarity, and carat weight. Each can very be important, even though many people think that the size of the diamond is the only important thing. If there is any kind of paperwork related to the diamond, it is best to bring that in when trying to sell it. This paperwork is a type of certification that goes a long way towards establishing the value of the piece.

In many cases, diamond jewelry is not melted down like other jewelry is due to its high value. It is important to remember that high end jewelry buyers will pay only a portion of what the jewelry will actually sell for. The diamond is still valuable, but on a resale market the seller may only get about half of what the jewelry piece will eventually sell for. This is well worth it for people who need money fast, though.

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