Veeam Agents for Managing Data Recovery

During a time when the loss of information can cost a lot, not just in money but also in the loss of customers, data protection is an important issue. Business data should be stored safely and reliably in order for businesses to succeed. However, backups take time and knowledgeable people to create them. In addition, restoring from a backup is not always straight forward.

There is now an easy way to provide data protection to companies of almost any size. Veeam backup for physical servers in Dallas allows businesses to easily create a comprehensive backup and recover their data.


Computer servers come in all makes, models, and operating systems. Veeam backup for physical servers in Dallas can replace their outdated backup systems for a system that can increase performance and reduce the cost.

Backups can be performed on Windows, Unix, and Linux-based servers. The Veeam agent can organize and replace outdated tools and create comprehensive backups for their servers.

Windows Servers

With the new Veeam Agent, there is now more flexibility when it comes to backups. Multiple jobs are supported, which saves time and resources. Users can connect external USB drives to their Windows-based workstations to be backed-up.

Linux Servers

The Veeam Agent for Linux servers allows backups from anywhere for servers running in the cloud. There is even additional flexibility in the recovery process.

Unix Servers

Unix servers can join in on always being protected with backups. The Veeam Agent for Unix servers allows for file-level backups and restores. This allows for quick restoration of damaged or lost data. In addition, it allows for the migration from older to newer or different hardware.

Secure Veeam backup for physical servers in Dallas is a crucial tool for all businesses for data protection for their physical servers. Since it can be used on different types of servers, it is a must-have for all businesses.


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