Reasons to Get Treatment for a Snoring Problem

About half the U.S. population adult population snores, according to the American Academy of Otolaryngology and Neck Surgery, and the majority of snorers are men. Snoring also tends to increase with age or when people are overweight. The good news is there are specialists who can stop your snoring, which will alleviate some of the adverse effects. With that said, here are some key benefits to getting treatment for your snoring.

Better Night’s Sleep
People who snore tend to wake up frequently during the night because they’re breathing is disturbed. And not getting enough sleep during the night can cause you to feel drowsy during the day and affect your performance at work. You’ll may also feel exhausted when you get up. One way to alleviate this problem is to go to a Snoring Treatment North Vancouver center for help. The doctors can then diagnose the cause of your snoring.

Stop Annoying Spouse
Your snoring may be affecting your spouse. Perhaps you’ve gotten a nudge or been punched in the shoulder late at night. That’s your significant other telling you that the snoring is not only annoying her but affecting her sleep, too.

More Energy
If you see a Snoring Treatment North Vancouver specialist, you’ll probably notice an immediate resurgence of energy. When you experience it, you know you’re getting a quality night’s sleep.

Relieve Other Adverse Symptoms
In addition to lethargy, you may have headaches, memory loss, an addiction to sleeping pills, difficulty concentrating, impotence and even depression as a result of your snoring. Your specialist will help treat these symptoms with a proper diagnosis as well.

Could Be Serious
Your Snoring Treatment North Vancouver specialist could diagnose you with sleep apnea, a condition that occurs when the soft tissues in the back of your throat stop your breathing. This, in turn, deprives your brain of oxygen, which causes your heart to work harder. It can further lead to high blood pressure, a stroke or heart disease.


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