Using An Ice Luge in Suffolk County NY To Enhance A Wedding

Many enjoy having unique attributes added to a wedding reception. These make the event memorable to guests and often make exciting photograph opportunities as well. One great way to enhance a wedding reception is with the addition of an ice luge in Suffolk County, NY. An ice luge will be appreciated by all who view it and will most likely be a conversation piece throughout the wedding reception. Here are some general tips to help when deciding to use an ice luge at a wedding.

Arrange For Pickup To Ensure The Luge Is Obtained In Time

It is best to arrange to pick up the luge right before the wedding reception is to begin. This will ensure it is in the best possible condition at the time that guests begin to arrive. Since these pieces are rather large, they may require pickup anyway. Set up a time where the luge can be picked up close to the wedding start-time with the company that creates the masterpiece for the happy couple.

Keep The Luge Intact During The Ride

It is a good idea to clean out the area where the luge will be riding so it does not obtain debris on its structure while in transit. It will most likely be covered with a large piece of plastic, but just in case a hole or rip is present, a clean vehicle is best. Place a clean piece of plastic on the floor of the area where the luge will be placed inside the vehicle to help contain moisture and ward off debris.

Maximize The Time The Luge Will Look Nice

To help protect an ice luge, it should be positioned in an area where it is not in the line of direct heat of any kind. Flooring should be protected with plastic and any dripping water should be removed immediately to help keep those in the area from any type of injury. A table with collection bins around the edges will work well at keeping the luge away from debris and in the line of sight of guests.

If someone wishes to order an ice luge in Suffolk County, NY, they do not need to look for a great supplier. Take a look at to find out more about the ordering process and to get contact information if needed.


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