Urgent Care in Albany GA- Fast, Trusted Health Care

Urgent care in Albany GA can be the simple solution when you need immediate health care. Typically, you have three options when you are dealing with an acute illness or injury. You can hope to get a same day appointment with your primary care doctor (which is usually very rare), you can go to the emergency room and deal with long waits or you can take advantage of the urgent care in Albany GA and get the care you deserve.

What is Urgent Care?
The best way to think of urgent care is to consider it a free-standing emergency room without the hustle and bustle. You can get all the immediate medical care that you need and be in and out quickly. Urgent care is the perfect bridge between your primary care physician’s office and the emergency room at your local hospital. You can rest assured that you will:

  • Be seen quickly
  • Be seen by a professional staff of certified health care providers
  • Get the care that you need to stabilize your condition

The waits in the emergency room at your local hospital can be measured in hours. You can wind up waiting to be seen for a very long time. Your local hospital emergency room see’s patients based on the severity of the medical emergency, if there is an ambulance that brings someone in, everyone else is put on hold. At urgent care, the wait time is measured in minutes not hours.

Professional Health Care Providers
At urgent care, you are seen by professional certified health care providers that can quickly diagnose you and get you on the road to healing.

Get the care you need quickly at Once Source Healthcare urgent care. It is an affordable effective option that will get you back on your feet quickly!


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