The Specifics of Nursing Home Neglect

When you encourage our elderly loved ones to move to nursing home facilities, you do so under the assumption that they will receive only the best and most thorough care. So what happens when your loved one becomes a victim of nursing home neglect?

One of the most common forms of Cedar Rapids nursing home neglect is the overuse of antipsychotic medications. Hundreds of families deal with this reality each year, and they all react with the same shock, anger, and desire for justice for their loved one’s mistreatment. If you are in this same terrifying position, here is what you should know.

Defining Antipsychotic Medication

Antipsychotic medication is used to treat a wide variety of mental illnesses. These typically include schizophrenia and bipolar disorder, both of which can cause psychotic episodes in afflicted individuals. You may recognize them by the names “Abilify” and “Risperdal.” While these medications can certainly be useful in improving a senior adult’s quality of life, some nursing homes rely on them to keep their patients placated and under control – ultimately leading to cases of Cedar Rapids nursing home neglect.

Why It’s Wrong

No one should be coerced into taking medication for a problem they do not actually have. This is the ethical side of the argument.

On the scientific side of things, it’s a well researched fact that antipsychotic medications should be handled with caution. By taking medications you do not actually need, you are exposing your body to unnecessary chemical compounds that it has no choice but to process however it can. For the elderly, this can lead to further health complications, including infections and chronic malaise.

Furthermore, a mentally ill patient who does need these medications must be careful and seek medical advice with regards to any other medications they take alongside their antipsychotic medication. This is because the latter tends to clash with other prescription drugs.

Cedar Rapids nursing home neglect causes an immense amount of pain for families across the area. Call Tom Riley Law Firm at Phone No or visit their website to help your family gain compensation and peace of mind.


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