Understanding the Importance of Machined Parts in Daily Life

Machined parts are crucial for improved quality of life, and everyone would live in a totally different world without these parts. Machined parts allow for everything from automation to globalization. They are responsible for assembly lines, devices that treat the sick and injured, and even network servers.

The Importance of Grinding

Take bar grinding and straightening service as an example. This process has the capability to produce solid bar diameters from .040 inches to .750 inches with a length of up to 24 feet or 6-inch solid bars with up to 12 feet length. Bar stock grinding can also produce tubing with a diameter of up to 10 inches at 24 feet in length. The accuracy from this process is important in the following industries.

National Defense: The armed forces are always on the lookout for machines that provide them with accuracy from everything including their assault rifles to attack helicopters. The military is one of the most technologically advanced industries that heavily rely on having the very best parts they can get.

Automotive: Some of the most important parts in a vehicle are created using bar grinding and straightening techniques. The new vehicles come fitted with a wide range of sensors that help keep you safe on the road in some harsh situations. High precision ground and straightened metal tubes and bars help keep the car together and the complicated systems inside operational.

Aerospace: Every single flight depends on the various components in a plane to work together to the very last detail. This requires precise instruments, gauges and metal bars created to a specific requirement through grinding and straightening. The process produces custom components that are used in aircraft engines, landing gear and sophisticated navigation systems. It’s important that each of these components follow strict quality standards to ensure that the parts can withstand the extremely harsh conditions during flight.

Healthcare: Surgical devices and implements need to be almost as delicate as the human hand and as accurate as laser. Failure can result to further injury or even death. For this reason, bars used in the medical field have to be cut, ground and straightened to specific industry requirements.

Further Possibility

The grinding and straightening of metal bars can be applied on various metals including stainless steel, aluminum and brass. The use of this technique is so widespread that the listed applications above are just a tiny representation of the possibilities out there.


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