The Importance of Hiring a Municipal Court Attorney Edison NJ for Your Personal Injury

Personal injury cases can be devastating to deal with, especially when the injuries are severe and lasting. Unfortunately, injured victims are often treated unfairly through the process of trying to settle a claim. Often, they are forced to settle for a lower amount than their injuries and damages deserve. To ensure a person is treated fairly and their rights are protected, it behooves them to hire a Municipal Court Attorney Edison NJ. An attorney will fight for a person’s rights to work towards a favorable outcome in their case.

The first meeting with the Municipal Court Attorney Edison NJ is of utmost importance. The attorney will likely have the client fill out some paperwork and describe in great detail how they were injured. Any pertinent pieces of information or evidence should be shared at this time. The attorney will need plenty of information to begin formulating the case to ensure the right outcome will be able to be achieved.

Should the Municipal Court Attorney Edison NJ first need to work with an insurance company, they will attempt to settle with the adjuster that has been placed on the claim. Regrettably, adjusters are often notorious for trying to settle claims for as little as they possibly can. Their goal is to protect the bottom line of their company so they will rarely offer what a claim is truly worth. Click here for more details.

Thankfully, injured victims are not held to agreeing to any type of offer given by the insurance company. If the victim and their attorney are not happy with the settlement that has been offered, there is always the recourse of filing a claim in court. Although a trial can be lengthy, it sometimes allows more evidence to be brought in. If the jury finds in favor of the defendant, they will often reward a higher level of compensation than an insurance company would.

If you have been seriously injured because of someone else, you may have the right to pursue them through their insurance company or in a trial. For more information on hiring an attorney to help you, contact the office of Harrell Smith & Williiams LLC. They will help you make sense of your claim and pursue it appropriately.


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