Understanding the Differences Between Medical and Recreational Marijuana Dispensaries in Huntington Beach

Although medical marijuana has long been available for the patients looking for relief from a wide variety of symptoms, it is only recently that the state has opted to legalize recreational marijuana use. As a result, many people have difficulty understanding the differences between medical and Recreational Marijuana Dispensaries in Huntington Beach. Read on to find out about a few of them.

What is a Medical Dispensary?

Medical dispensaries are intended for patients who have medical marijuana cards as a location to procure cannabis and cannabis products designed to treat unique symptoms. Visiting a medical dispensary requires a doctor’s recommendation, and patients usually need to register with the dispensary before purchasing cannabis. Most medical dispensaries feature direct one-on-one contact with budtenders who are available to answer any questions and make professional recommendations and are more like doctor’s offices than retail shops in both function and aesthetic.

What is a Recreational Dispensary?

The marijuana sold at recreational dispensaries is available to all adults, regardless of whether or not they have medical ailments they wish to treat with cannabis. Entrance into a recreational dispensary requires a valid ID, but there’s no need for a medical card or doctor’s referral. Recreational dispensaries are more like retail establishments than their medical counterparts, and often focus more on accessibility and convenience than user education.

What is the Difference Between Products?

Many medical marijuana products are grown and processed with the intent of treating a specific symptom or ailment in mind. Medical marijuana strains tend to be higher in CBD, which has a wide variety of beneficial medical properties, while recreational strains are typically higher in THC, which is the psychoactive compound of marijuana. It’s a good idea for recreational consumers to do some research before heading to a dispensary to determine which strain of marijuana will be best able to provide the effects they are looking for; information is widely available online.

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