Tips for a Kitchen Remodeling Project

The kitchen of today is the heart of the home, where the family cooks, eats, plans, does homework, socializes and entertains. Many people feel that their kitchen is poorly laid out and outdated in style and have spent a great deal of time thinking about a new kitchen. However, it is an expensive home remodeling project, and so careful planning is needed for kitchen remodeling. Miami FL is a good place to find professionals with remodeling experience who can not only make a kitchen look good but function well.

Kitchen Size and Space

When undertaking a kitchen remodeling Miami FL project, the size of the new kitchen is one of the first considerations as many people feel cramped in their current kitchen. The number and size of the various appliances used in modern kitchens seems to be growing. To accommodate new appliances, you can open space from an adjoining entryway or opening up a doorway by a few feet.

In addition, the kitchen is no longer the place where the mother works alone. More often than not, in today’s kitchen, there might be more than one cook and several helpers. This means that varying countertop heights can be part of a kitchen remodeling project so as to make it more comfortable for those working in the kitchen. The space also needs to be designed so those working in the kitchen will keep from bumping into one another.

Kitchen Workstations and Islands

The classic work triangle of the shortest distance between the refrigerator, stove and food preparation area has always been a great way to layout a kitchen. However, these days there may be more than one sink or the oven is a separate element from the cooktop so that, consequently, there may be more than one work center in a kitchen which can make it easier for the now multiple people working in the kitchen simultaneously.

The kitchen island is the stylish solution to many kitchen problems. A kitchen island can be used as a casual eating area, a second work center or a place for extra storage. The amount of available storage can be increased by using a tilt-out shelf at the sink for pot scrubbers and brushes. Also, consider using custom cabinets or a pullout pantry to house small appliances or other bulky items.

Skilled professional kitchen remodeling companies like NPM General Contractors Inc. can design and build kitchens that best meet the needs of families and their use of this important space in the house.


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