Understanding the Difference Between Non Ferrous Metals in NJ and Ferrous Metals

Most households and businesses have metal items that are lying around that they are not using. Yours is likely no different. Metal can be obvious, or it may be hidden inside of certain objects. For example, computers have copper components inside of them. You cannot see the copper because it is inside of the equipment. Some people think that recycling metal is complicated process, but it is not. This is why a huge amount of aluminum cans end up in waste baskets instead of recycling bins. Keep in mind that you can recycle metal as a good deed for the environment, or you can explore scrapping metal for cash.

Before you set out to start scrapping for profit, you need to understand that metals are broken down into two categories, which are ferrous metals and non-ferrous metals. Ferrous metals are classified as metals that have iron present in them. Non-ferrous metals are not supposed to have any iron present in them. Sometimes non-ferrous metals can become contaminated when accidental mixing occurs during recycling. This is why most recycling companies do their best to process these metals far away from each other.

Non Ferrous Metals in NJ are worth more than ferrous metals. You can certainly scrap both, but it is good to know which metals you can expect a higher return from. Examples of ferrous metals are aluminum, copper and nickel, and examples of non-ferrous metals are silver, platinum and gold. You likely just had an “aha moment.”

You can help to make your scrapping efforts go easier by separating your donations in advance. Keep in mind that the pricing for the items is not solely based upon whether the items are ferrous or non-ferrous metal. Some ferrous metals offer a higher return than other ferrous metals, and the same is true for non-ferrous metals. For example, copper usually has a higher price offering than aluminum, and platinum usually has a higher price offering than silver.

If you have plans to recycle Non Ferrous Metals in NJ or ferrous metals, Click here. You will find that this is the best resource to use for your recycling needs. Some companies do not accept all types of metal. Make this your one stop shop.






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