Benefits of Using NCOA Link Services

With more than 43 million Americans moving every year, your mailing list is likely not as accurate as it should be. However, when you utilize NCOA Link Service, you can reduce your undeliverable as addressed, or UAA mail, by having your list updated when businesses or people move.
When you purchase this service, your mailing list will be matched against a dataset of over 160 million different records, which will include the permanent change of address documents that are filed with the United States Postal Service (USPS) for a specified period of time. There are some NCOA Link Services that only offer 18 months’ worth of new records, while others provide as much as 48 months.

Primary Benefits Offered by this Service

When it comes to your business, chances are you need to make every dollar count. This means reducing the number of mailings that are returned as undeliverable. Some of the biggest benefits of this service include:

* A faster turnaround
* Reduced wasted production and postage expenses
* Ability to maintain your communication with any customers or clients that have recently moved

Features of the NCOA Link Service

While each of these services are different, some of the general features that you expect to see include:

* Access to more than 160 million new address records
* Coverage for your selected period of time
* List that is updated on a regular basis
* Discounts on postage

No matter the size of your business, you can likely benefit from this type of service if you are sending mail to your customers and clients. Consider this: each piece of mail that you send will cost to be printed, for postage and the actual shipping. When a piece of mail does not reach its intended destination, you are out this money. While it may not seem like much for an individual piece, consider the fact that you likely have several pieces, over the period of a year that are unable to be delivered. This can result in hundreds, or even thousands, of dollars wasted of your business’s money.

When you decide to use this service, be sure that you find a reputable provider. This will ensure that you receive the latest and most current list, which will provide you with peace of mind that your mailings will reach their intended destination. When it comes to your business, this is extremely important.

If you are looking into NCOA Link Service, visit the website for information about the products that are available.


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