Understanding the Benefits Offered by Online Hazmat Training

For Florida businesses that deal with, ship or store hazardous materials or other dangerous goods, the right training is vital. In the past, the only option was to send personnel to a training facility, or arrange for a training session to be provided on your premises. Today, digital technology makes online hazmat training possible. Is it the right option for your business? What benefits might you gain?


One of the primary benefits Florida-based companies find with online hazmat training is that it allows your employees to complete the material at their own pace. This ensures that all staff members taking the training are able to move forward at a pace that meets their cognition and understanding needs. In an in-person class, it’s common for some learners to be bored because the class moves at a slow pace, or for some learners to fall behind because the class is moving to quickly. Individualized online classes are completely personalized to the learner’s needs.

Not Location-Based

Another benefit of online hazmat training is the fact that it’s not tied to a specific location. With in-person training, all employees completing the course must be on site so that they can complete the course. This can be challenging, particularly if there are offsite responsibilities you need employees to handle, or if they have a personal situation that requires their attention. With online classes, learners can complete course material from any location where they have an Internet connection. That means they can complete courses from the office, but also from their home during their off time.

Better Retention

Interestingly, online hazmat training can help ensure better information retention. This is tied to the fact that students are able to move at their own pace, but it goes deeper than this. They are able to explore topics in more depth, dig deeper into related material, answer questions as they arise, rather than waiting, and more. The immediate upshot is that you’re able to benefit from a more knowledgeable team where hazmat compliance is concerned.

Interest in learn more about the benefits of online hazmat training in Florida? DGD Hazmat invite you to get in touch with us today. Our training program comes all necessary regulations for air transport and ocean transport of dangerous goods/hazardous materials, and can be delivered online, or in person at your location if you prefer.


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