Understanding Car Insurance Plans Clive IA

Every state in the U.S., except New Hampshire, requires that all drivers have car insurance to legally drive a vehicle. Drivers cannot legally register a vehicle unless they show proof of an active insurance policy first. Before drivers purchase a car insurance policy, it is a good idea that they know all of the car insurance plans Clive IA, that are available.

Full Coverage/Comprehensive

This is the most expensive car insurance plan. If a driver hits another car when they have full coverage, the insurance will cover any damages to the car that they hit. It would also cover injuries to the occupants of the car. Full coverage would also cover the policy holder who caused the accident as well as their occupants. This type of insurance makes it so that the responsible driver does not need to pay for any damages out of their own pocket. If a driver is making payments on a vehicle or they are leasing a vehicle, the lender will often require the driver hold this type of insurance. By requiring the driver to take out this type of policy, the lender is protecting themselves.

Liability Coverage

This is the least expensive type of insurance. If a driver hits another vehicle, the insurance will cover the damage to the vehicle and its occupants. It would not, however, cover the damage to the responsible driver’s vehicle or its occupants. The responsible driver would need to handle all repairs and financial responsibility on their own.

Uninsured Motorist

This is an additional plan that drivers can add on to their insurance plan. Unfortunately, not all drivers follow the law when it comes to having insurance. A driver can let their policy lapse, and they would have no coverage if they cause an accident. If this happens, and the driver who was hit has uninsured motorist, it would cover the damage. This insurance is also good if a person is the victim of a hit and run.

Often times, a person will let another person drive their car. If that person causes and accident and they are not listed on the driver’s insurance policy, the uninsured motorist insurance will cover all of the damage to both vehicles.

It is important for drivers to understand all of the Car Insurance Plans Clive IA that are available to them. For more information, Visit Absolute Insurance Iowa.


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