Two Informative Questions About Hoarding Clean Up In Atlanta GA

The home of a hoarder is often dangerous for the individuals who live there. To keep those who live in the house safe and to help them return to a normal life, contact an experienced company for Hoarding Clean Up in Atlanta GA. To learn more about a professional emergency cleaning service, read the two informative questions below.

Q.) How long does it take a professional company to clean up the home of a hoarder?

A.) The length of time that it takes to clean a hoarder’s home depends on the size of the house and how many items are inside the home. After removing and sorting everything in the house, the clean up crew will thoroughly clean the home so that it’s safe for those who live there. The clean up crew will also use a deodorizer so the home doesn’t have any bad odors.

Q.) Why is it so important to hire a professional company to clean up a hoarder’s home?

A.) Individuals who’ve never cleaned up the home of a hoarder before may be in for a big shock. The home of a hoarder is often dangerous for those who aren’t wearing the proper safety gear and who don’t take precautions while going through the house. It’s not uncommon to find decomposing rodents and animal waste in the house of a hoarder. Mold growth in the home is another concern that can be dangerous for those who don’t know how to properly clean it up. There are often things that can cause injuries to someone who isn’t trained to handle the massive amount of items and trash that’s inside the home, such as broken glass and sharp objects. Since professionals have years of experience with Hoarding Clean Up in Atlanta GA they can also get the job done in a shorter time than those who have never tackled this type of situation before.

When you need an experienced company to clean up your home, contact Georgia Clean for professional results. This company has many years of experience cleaning homes in dangerous and emergency situations. Their specialties include hoarding, crime scenes and hazardous material removal. Visit their website at or their Facebook page for additional information and to contact the company.


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