Types Of Home Movers In The Houston Area

There are three different basic types of moving companies in the Houston area. This selection of movers is similar to any city throughout the United States. Not all movers offer the same levels of services, professional staff, and support for their customers, and it is important to clearly understand the type of home movers you are hiring.

Inexperienced Companies

Be very cautious about hiring home movers with no name brand recognition. This is an industry where anyone can rent a truck and hire a couple of people and offer local moving services.

These inexperienced companies do not have the training, the background checks and the professional movers most people expect. They also tend to operate for a short period of time and simply close if there are claims against the company for damages and breakage.

Small Businesses

In the Houston area, there are several top small moving businesses focusing on local moves. These companies tend to have only a few truck and crews, and they usually only provide local residential moving services.

These companies are typically about the same price as national or international home movers located in the area, but they often provide a limited range of services.

National and International Movers

While it is not essential to use a nationally or internationally recognized mover for a local move, it does have its benefits. These companies have their own full-time crews and drivers, and they own their own fleet of trucks. They also have the backing of their network, which makes coordination of long distance moves much faster and easier.

These moving companies can schedule your move, provide all the services you need, and provide highly competitive pricing. They are also the companies that have the ability, licensing and insurance to be able to provide out of the city, state and country moves.


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