Last Minute Tasks Before The Arrival Of Tulsa Home Movers

Moving is one of those things in life that does need to be effectively planned. Packing, organizing and planning to move out of any home, apartment or condo in the Tulsa area has to be done with care and attention to detail.

By utilizing the checklists and handy guides provided by home movers, it is easy to avoid overlooking critical steps in the process. The checklists that provide the timeline from the date of the move to complete the various tasks are incredibly helpful and limit the amount of last minute things that need to be completed.

Even with checklists and lots of advanced prep, there are still last-minute checks and verifications that should be made before the home movers arrive. Ideally, plan to complete these tasks at least one to two hours before the movers arriving, allowing time if you discover something has been overlooked and needs to be completed.

Cupboards, Cabinets, and Drawers

Take a last look into all cupboards, storage areas, cabinets, and drawers and make sure all of the contents have been removed. This can be a real issue in the kitchen or the bathroom, particularly if the family continues to use the rooms up to moving day.

Check Appliances

Be sure to check the washer and dryer, fridge, stove and any other appliances, such as a deep freeze, which may be staying with the home. It is also important to check to make sure appliances that are being moved are unloaded.

Cleaning and turning off appliances may also be important, particularly fridges and deep freezes. This always depends on when the new owners are moving in.

Finally, before the home movers arrive, make sure pets are crated or placed in a secure area. The last thing you want to have to worry about is finding a cat or dog in Tulsa that has bolted out the door during the moving process.


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