Types of Heat Transfer Products in Illinois

There are different variations of heat transfer products and you are likely to find what you are looking for by doing just a little bit of research. Two of the most common heat transfer products are radiators and oil coolers. When you have built a car or you are customizing your car, you are going to need to decide which of the two you want to put in to keep your engine cool.


A radiator is one of a couple of types of heat transfer products you can put into your car or truck. It works by sending a liquid coolant through the engine block. As the coolant goes through the passages in the engine, it picks up the heat. The radiator is linked to the engine with rubber hoses and connected by a bank of many narrow tubes. These tubes pass through holes and send the unwanted heat from the radiator into the airstream, and then the cooled liquid goes through again. The fan is essential to the function of the radiator, because without the air flow the coolant wouldn’t be able to become cool again.

Oil Coolers

Oil coolers use engine oil as a coolant, usually to remove surplus heat from the internal combustion engine. These types of heat transfer products aren’t as common as radiators and can be used by themselves or in addition to a radiator to lower the temperature of the engine even further. An oil cooler is very much like a radiator in that oil comes in one side and goes out the other. In between, there are narrow tubes which dissipate heat.

When you are looking for heat transfer products in Illinois, both options are effective at ensuring that your vehicle isn’t going to overheat.


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