Options for Modifying Child Support in Mankato, MN

Although child support is supposed to help a child maintain their standard of living after their parents separate, it often results in financial hardship for the noncustodial parent. By continuing to pay the bills for a home they don’t live in, these parents are sometimes not able to afford their own housing and have to make unfortunate decisions with their money. This sometimes leads to them getting behind on their Child Support in Mankato MN and having to face a judge.

In some cases, the amount a parent owes for child support may be adjusted to make it more affordable. If either parent has had a significant change in their income or other changes in financial circumstances, a modification may be in order. Child Support in Mankato MN is determined based on the financial situation of both parents so, if the custodial parent begins earning a significant amount more money, the child support may be reduced.

Whether the child support payment is adjusted or not, the noncustodial parent will have to make the payments or face consequences. A judge may sentence a parent to jail if they blatantly refuse to financially support their children. Anytime a parent gets behind in support, it’s important to contact an attorney right away to discuss options for staying out of jail. Courts are generally open to any method to collect the support and only consider incarceration when there are no other options. Judges know the child will not get any financial support while the parent is in jail.

Noncustodial parents who are having trouble paying their court-ordered child support should visit Blatzlawminnesota.com and get in touch with an experienced attorney. A skilled lawyer might assess their situation and advise them of the best way to handle it. Instead of ignoring the situation and risking jail, wise parents talk to a lawyer who may be able to help them get their support order modified so they can afford to help their children live a better life while not sacrificing their own living situation. Children whose parents are self-sufficient and able to afford to spend time with them tend to be happier and more well-adjusted.

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