Trimming An Evergreen Tree And Other Steps Necessary For Tree Pruning In Bronx NY

An overgrown evergreen tree that is growing in front of a residence can be pruned by completing the following steps. Afterward, homemade decorations can be added to the tree and lights can be installed in order to provide a residential piece of property with a festive appearance.


* pruning shears

* stepladder

* rake

* mulch chips

* wheelbarrow

* foam balls

* craft paint

* acrylic craft spray

* ornament hooks

* strings of holiday lights

Clipping Branches And Preparing Property

An individual should inspect all sides of an evergreen tree to determine which branches they would like to trim. Branches that contain brown needles or sections that are drooping can be eliminated from a tree with a pair of pruning shears. Branches should not be tugged while shears are used. Cuts to branches should be made at an angle so that parts of a tree are not subjected to permanent damage. A rake can be used to gather clippings. Afterward, clippings can be placed in a wheelbarrow and transported to another portion of a yard.

Making Ornaments And Hanging Them

Foam balls can be decorated with various colors of spray paint. Once paint has dried, acrylic craft spray can be applied evenly to the exterior of each decoration. Acrylic spray will prevent paint from fading or peeling, especially when decorations are subjected to humid or moist conditions. The tip of an ornamental hook can be inserted through the top portion of each decoration. Homemade decorations can be hung from various branches on a tree. A couple strings of holiday lights that are draped around branches will enhance the beauty of a tree and provide a festive appearance.

Tree Pruning in Bronx NY or another location can be handled by a professional company. A tree specialist will inspect trees and determine which parts need to be trimmed in order to provide all of them with an attractive appearance. Once damaged branches are removed from a tree, a tree will be likely to thrive as long as it is cared for properly. Arnoldos Tree Service and other companies that specialize in tree pruning in Bronx NY can assist new clients or regular customers with tree services that they desire.


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