Craft Beer: Why You Should Make the Switch from Big Beer

There are many big beer brand names that are widely known around the world. Even though these names have gained a high reputation, it doesn’t mean there isn’t more quality beer on the market. Many people have never heard of craft beer. Craft beer is beer that is made in a certain area within a small brewery. Big beer companies have been trying to put small breweries out of business for many years. Thanks to online stores, such as one beer online shop in California, that is becoming a losing battle.

Benefits of Craft Beer

Craft beer is made of more premium ingredients. These ingredients cause the beer to taste better and even can add health benefits. Studies have shown that craft beer contains more nutrients than most red wines. Craft beers also include antioxidants, some B vitamins, and soluble fiber. It can also have a source of silicon, which can help to fight off osteoporosis. Who would have thought that beer can have health benefits?

Choosing a craft beer helps to support small businesses, which is great for the economy. It also helps the smaller brewers remain in competition with the megabrewers.

Why Should You Buy Craft Beer Online?

It might seem odd to buy your beer online, but that is not the case. There are over a thousand of small craft breweries across the country. Unfortunately, they can’t market their beer throughout the company like bigger companies. Online shops will give you a vast number of craft beers to choose from. These choices will be from all over the country, which means you can try so many different beers and find your new favorite. When ordering online, the beer will be shipped straight to your door. An adult over the age of 21 will have to sign for the package when it arrives though.


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