Trends In Technology And Construction

In Milwaukee WI, construction companies carefully watch the upcoming trends in construction. With figures indicating that spending in this sector was down from predictions in 2016, it is important to take into consideration anything that may help to boost sales, increase productivity and/or reduce costs. In particular, they take care to examine what is happening in technology. The changes that occur in this sector can have a major impact on how they perform their jobs and complete a project.


While the statistics may predict a slow growth in this field, companies and analysts continue to be optimistic. Potential advances in technology may help make the current estimation of growth a reality. The technology they are referring to is beneficial either on or off site. The two types drawing the most attention are

  1. Augmented reality (AR) – for onsite communication and enhancement
  2. Virtual reality (VR) – for architects and engineers off-site; training for employees

While these devices may seem better suited for playing video and other games, they can play a significant role in construction projects.

The two devices are capable of improving the entire project experience in a number of ways. They:

  • Improve project visualization
  • Enable real-time collaboration for those involved but not onsite
  • Detect errors ahead of time
  • Allow non-present individuals/stakeholders to have input

The two may also result in increasing the implementation of building information modeling (BIM) applications. This is a reliance on a 3D model-based process. It enables professionals including architects, engineers, and general managers, to more efficiently and effectively advance a Milwaukee WI construction project from first plans to infrastructure to completion.

Construction and Technology

Technology will continue to expand its role in construction. Besides helping invested personnel understand and improve the overall process, VR and AR can help in such aspects as safety training and equipment operation. While only a few use this technology in Milwaukee WI, interest is continuing to expand its base in this industry.


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