Remodeling Your St. Augustine Home Into the Perfect House With Help

Your Saint Augustine, FL, home can become so much more if you know how to transform it. Any extra land you have surrounding your house can be used to create an expansion or an addition to your home. You can also focus on one or more rooms inside the house to remodel and make it the perfect house for you. One residential contractor in Saint Augustine, FL, can help with all of the following.

Add a Wing or Story

A ranch house is nice until your family gets too big to fit under the space you have. A single level low ranch home is easily converted into a two-story home by hiring a residential contractor from Saint Augustine, FL. He or she can show you how the roof is raised and lots of extra rooms and even a second bathroom can be added to your home. If you don’t want to build up, you can always build out, especially if you have lots of extra land surrounding your home.

Remodel the Most Expensive Rooms of Your House

The kitchen and the bathroom are the two most expensive rooms in any house to remodel. Once you have remodeled them, however, the value of your home goes way up and you don’t have to remodel those areas again for a decade or two. Remodel them and update them to modern interiors that make you happy and comfortable to be in those rooms. Contact Gary’s Painting and Home Services, LLC via today.


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