Operating a truck fleet is a time consuming and expensive proposition. You have so many responsibilities to be concerned with and many of these issues can be solved if you lease your fleet. But how does one make such a major changeover? When you go with the right truck leasing company in Texas, it’s not too difficult at all. Here is how it works.

Acquisition Analysis

Your truck lease professionals can show you how much owning your trucks is actually costing your business. With the help of special acquisition analysis programs you can crunch the numbers to see how much leasing can save you.

Choosing the Right Lease

You may have more than one lease option. For example, if you don’t want to be burdened with expenses and responsibilities of ownership you can choose an operating lease option. However, with a capital or equity lease your truck leasing company in Texas can help you enjoy both the tax benefits of truck ownership and the advantages of leasing.

Fleet Buyout Option

Did you know you can sell your fleet to the truck leasing company in Texas? This is the easiest way to make the change from owning to leasing. Your lease professionals will provide a detailed assessment and analysis of your fleet and buy your vehicles and then lease them to you, or you can choose to lease new trucks.


For newer trucks you may be able to take out a guaranteed maintenance agreement. However, maintenance agreements are also available for some older trucks too.

Unlocking Company Cash Flow

With help from your truck leasing company in Texas, you can free up a lot of company assets and cash flow. This can give you the funds you need for expansion or other financial strategies. Plus, you’ll have fewer vehicle related problems to be concerned with.

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