The Return of the Diamond Tennis Bracelet

If you are thinking of giving your girlfriend or significant other jewelry, you have a lot of options to check out. You could look at rings, earrings or you might want to think about a lovely diamond tennis bracelet. In fact, these bracelets are becoming quite popular again and make excellent gifts. Here are some reasons why.

What’s Old is New Again

At one time, the diamond tennis bracelet was wildly popular. A few years ago, (1987) Chris Evert brought national attention to a bracelet which broke during a tennis match. Ever since then, the style has become very popular and that is where the piece of jewelry got its name. However, in time tennis bracelets became “un-cool” for a while. But today, many people are enamored with retro and classic things.

Have you noticed how popular vintage engagement rings have become the past few years? People love things reminiscent of days gone by and now some bracelets (which fell out of favor) are making a comeback.

Safe Gifts

Perhaps a man is not quite ready to make a complete commitment to a woman. Maybe he needs more time to think about things. Rings are not a good idea, because they can send a message of serious commitment. Watches are good but many people prefer smart phones for viewing the time. Earrings are lovely gifts but there are so many different styles and she might not wear them very often.

A diamond tennis bracelet is a very safe gift. It doesn’t scream “commitment” yet it contains one of the most universally accepted gifts of all-time, diamonds. She will wear it all the time and think of you when she does.

Wide Range of Prices

If you check with a reputable online jeweler you can find lovely tennis bracelets for every budget. They range from a few hundred to many thousands of dollars.


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