Top Veggie Sides to Pair with Chicken Dinner

One thing is nearly universal – chicken is delicious. There are so many great ways to enjoy everyone’s favorite meat. Instead of talking about this tasty bird, we are instead going to talk about the mouth-watering veggie sides that help makes your chicken platter NJ complete. Be health smart and tasty with these choices.

Mashed Potatoes

Potatoes are the chicken of the vegetable world. Much like the tasty chicken, the versatile potato can be used in a variety of dishes and sides. Mashed potatoes are a great addition to any dinner, but when prepared correctly, they can bring out the flavor of chicken dinners unlike any other vegetable or side.

Sweet Potato

Much like their more well-known siblings, the sweet potato is universal and can be used in almost every single way the regular potato can. In addition to being tastier and just as versatile as potatoes, sweet potatoes are packed with health benefits and nutrients to support overall health.

Garlic Broccoli

Enjoy a large dish of garlic broccoli with your next chicken platter NJ and get great taste and sweet benefits in one dish. Broccoli is packed with nutrients that will help support a variety of your bodily functions. What many people do not realize is that garlic is also packed with a lot of known health benefits that can help with sickness, blood pressure, and more.

Rice Pilaf & Black Beans

Rice pilaf is a delicious dish that brings an extra bump of delicious with the added benefits of rice. When you add in the black beans, you are incorporating a host of health benefits that beans are often overlooked for. Black beans are a great source of protein, but they can also add much-needed antioxidants, increased heart health, and an added prevention of the build-up of fatty acids.


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