The Best Kebabs In Town

When it comes to the best kebabs in Mesa, AZ, nothing beats the flavors of the marinated and grilled chicken served over rice with a skewer of vegetables!

Milano’s Wood Fire Kitchen and Pizzeria is a full-service, dine-in restaurant and bar offering Italian and Mediterranean cuisine. Their stylish and contemporary restaurant and bar serve classic Italian dishes along with the more modern and healthy Mediterranean options. Their menu offers a wide range of selections along with online ordering and catering.

What are Kebabs?

Kebabs are sometimes referred to as shish kabobs. They are a popular entree made marinated and grilled pieces of meat and vegetables usually served with rice. There are different spices that can be used in the marinade but other than that; the dish is the same. Kebabs originated in the Middle East and rapidly spread to other countries.

Why are Kebabs Popular?

Kebabs are popular because they are tasty! The unique seasonings make kebabs a popular dish around the world. The restaurants that make the best kebabs in Mesa, AZ will use fresh ingredients and fresh spices for seasoning. Kebabs are a simple and inexpensive dish and can be made Halal, Kosher, or not.

In some areas, kebabs are referred to as gyro. A gyro is the same thinly sliced meat and can be served as a platter dish over rice or as a sandwich in a pita with lettuce, tomato, and tzatziki sauce.

Mediterranean cuisine, in general, has held the number two spot of most popular dishes in America for a long time. This is mainly true in large metropolitan areas in the North East. However, if you want to get your kebab fix, then just search for the nearest kebab in your area.

Kebabs are perfect for a sit-down meal or as a gyro sandwich you can take and eat on the go!


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