Top Benefits of Epoxy Floor Coating

The advantages that you gain from epoxy floor coating makes it a worthwhile investment. Concrete floors fail to gain attention all too often. They are often seen as nothing more than a better alternative to packed dirt. Only when you look past utility and value will you be able to see the true beauty of a solid concrete floor.

Cleaning is a Breeze

Regardless of the epoxy floor coating that you choose, the surface of the floor will be quite easy to keep clean. Because the textured coating is so smooth, it ah be easily swept or air blown to remove any dust and dirt. The self-leveling of the epoxy enhances the surface, which removes all concern for the buildup of grime and dirt in small crevices.

Mopping is easy as well, especially if there are drains installed in the floor. All you have to do is spray down the surface with a pressure washer or water hose. When the mess is really large, you can use degreasers and other chemicals to make cleanup easy.

One of the greatest advantages of an epoxy floor is that there is not any grout. The surface of the floor is not porous. Oil and other liquid is not able to penetrate the surface or leave behind any stains. Thus, removing a mess is easy to do.

Surface Durability

The durability of an epoxy floor coating is one benefit that keeps it standing out among all other floor covering options. A mixture of hardeners and resin make up the epoxy that is applied to a porous or textured surface. The epoxy will bond right to the substrate.

In fact, the process will actually increase the durability of the floor surface. The epoxy covering will provide the floor with somewhat of an armored layer. Therefore, the floor will be able to stand up to more impact weight.

With the right maintenance and care, professionally installed epoxy floor coating will last you years and years without the worry of and cracking or peeling. However, it is important to note that concrete flooring does have a tendency to crack over time. This cracking may take place for a number of different reasons, such as weight, ground movement or ground moisture. While an epoxy floor will provide you with a considerable amount of surface durability, it is important to learn the general behavior and properties of concrete.


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