Signs Your Child May Need a Hearing Aid in Groton CT

When many people think of hearing loss, they imagine an elderly individual who wears a hearing aid. However, infants and toddlers can also be diagnosed with different stages of hearing loss. Some forms of hearing loss occur while the child is developing in the womb, while others are acquired after birth. In cases where the hearing loss is deemed permanent, the doctor may recommend having the child fitted for a Hearing Aid in Groton CT. There are many signs to be on the lookout for that may indicate some form of hearing loss in a child.

Doesn’t Respond to Familiar Voices

The voice of a parent or loved one is often a source of comfort to both infants and toddlers. Even at a very young age, babies begin to respond to the sound of a familiar voice. They may do so by moving their eyes towards the sound or by turning their head to look at the person. If a baby doesn’t seem to respond to this type of sound, it may be time to have a hearing test ordered. If a toddler seems to ignore their parent’s voice, it may be because they are struggling to hear. A doctor will determine if the child has an infection that is causing the hearing loss. If this is the case, the hearing will often improve once the infection has been treated. If nerve damage is present, the hearing loss may be permanent, and a Hearing Aid in Groton CT may be the best option.

Has Trouble Responding Verbally

Hearing and speech are directly related. For a growing toddler to learn how to speak properly, they must be able to clearly hear the words. If a child seems to have a lot of difficulties pronouncing easy words, it may be a sign they are struggling to hear. Toddlers who answer questions incorrectly may also be having difficulty hearing the words. A parent who notices this type of verbal delay should book appointment with their child’s doctor. If a hearing test shows they have some deficits, the doctor may refer them to a local audiologist for further testing.

Hearing loss doesn’t only affect the elderly. Babies and toddlers may also show signs of hearing loss. Having a hearing test done at a young age is the best way to diagnose and treat any hearing problem in the early stages.


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