Top 3 Commercial Lighting Trends in Victoria, BC

When it comes to commercial lighting in Victoria, BC, there are always new innovations around the corner. However, we do notice trends in the way that companies want to use lighting getting more popular in certain years. This year, commercial lighting trends are definitely making waves. Here are the top three trends we’ve seen that are evolving in the industry.

Commercial Lighting that Impacts Human Health

Decades of study have shown that the lighting we spend our time around can affect everything from our mood and concentration to our sleep cycles and decision making skills. That may be why so many businesses are now using “human centric lighting”, or lighting that is meant to impact the way people feel and act. For example, some cutting edge commercial lighting in Victoria, BC can actually monitor human signals for alertness, and change the light’s spectrum to a hue designed to boost focus in an instant. This trend is becoming more and more common as the technology develops.

Commercial Lighting Is Harvesting Power Where It Can

Another big trend in commercial lighting in Victoria, BC is solar power and easier harvesting of daylight. This means that lights are not only being designed to draw in power from the sun more efficiently, but also that spaces are being designed to work with the sun’s natural rhythms better. Lighting that is programmed to come on automatically when the sun isn’t as bright through the windows can help companies save money, and also encourage the use of natural lighting more often. This trend is being led largely by the innovative new sensors that are hitting the market.

Smart Lighting Trends

The final big trend we are seeing in commercial lighting in Victoria, BC is the idea ofsmart lighting smart lighting. Fixtures that can be controlled via an app from anywhere in the world are becoming commonly requested. This means that buildings can be monitored more easily, energy bills can be cut down, and the way that we interact with our workplace can change to suit the needs of every employee. As smart lighting gets more popular, there is a push towards creating an entire smart building management system that can amplify the benefits of smart lighting.

These three trends show that commercial lighting is embracing new technology across the board. If you are interested in commercial lighting in Victoria, BC, contact us to learn more at 250-475-2561.


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