Create A Unique Look With Stamped Concrete At Your Colorado Springs Home Or Business

Driveways, walkways, sidewalks and patio areas of residential and commercial properties in Colorado Springs tend to be very similar and simple in their design. Most will have a slightly brushed or textured finish, but there is limited artistic flair or creativity in the design and the surface of the concrete.

One option to create a new look which is customized to your home or business décor and design is to consider stamped concrete. This is not a surface treatment, but rather a process of actually preparing and stamping the surface of the newly poured concrete to create distinctive repetitive or random patterns.

There are several different steps involved in creating a beautiful, durable and aesthetically pleasing stamped concrete surface. Companies offering this service tend to have years of experience in working with the various compounds and the stamps to develop a uniform look to the surface with both the stamp as well as with any colors or finishes also requested by the customer.

Important Factors

The poured concrete surface has to be treated before stamping. When colors are added, there may be extra steps involved. In addition, the team completing the stamped concrete will also use specific release agents on the surface of the concrete to allow the stamps to lift off without collecting any residue or to prevent sticking and imperfections in the stamped surface.

Stamping also has to be done in the correct sequence starting with the edges and then moving sequentially through the area. Stamps, which are often in the form of large mats for a random stone look or for cobblestone or slate, need to be placed across the surface in order to provide the correct finished pattern.

In Colorado Springs, choosing a highly experienced company in concrete stamping should be a priority. These companies will provide the perfect look for driveways, patios, and walkways on any property.


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