To Take Your Career in Design Further, Consider a Master Degree

by | Apr 12, 2018 | Arts and Entertainment


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The Design is the first step in production. Before the actual creation of an object can be executed, it must, of course, be designed, and for a successful final product, the designer must employ various strategies to ensure satisfaction at the other end. A Master in the fields of arts and design focuses on aspects of the design process such as comprehension, methodology, values, and philosophy. In our modern world, this is a discipline of many practical applications, from the fields of architecture and engineering to fashion, and the World Wide Web.

The Course

A Master degree in this field aims to teach critical and technical skills specific to the practice of object design. Students are encouraged to apply a variety of techniques and approaches that constantly evaluate and reevaluate the relationships between object and idea, object and change, and even object and reality. Students are asked to carry out a number of thesis projects, the diverse nature of which challenges them to find and channel their own unique identity as a designer. The course encompasses a range of experimental, social, technical, critical, and speculative approaches, with the goal of creating multitalented designers that can see the ever-changing relationships between context, object, and production.


The MDDO course is a professional degree program and is a taught curriculum, which differs from the Master of Fine Arts in Studio, Designed Objects. The MFA is targeted towards students with previous experience and an existing portfolio. It is structured around a series of tutorials that allows students to independently pursue their own projects in design. MDDO is usually built over two years and is carefully structured and sequenced to expose students to the widest range of approaches and techniques possible. It is intended as a very ‘hands-on’ course, comprised of laboratory sessions, seminars, and studio work.

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