Do You Need a Commercial Foundation Inspection in Houston?

If you can spot the early signs of a foundation problem, better your situation will be. By taking such measures right away, you can head off future issues that can cost large amounts of money to repair. The sooner you identify foundation issues, the easier you will make it on yourself concerning cost.

Do You See Ceiling Cracks?

If you have a commercial property that needs foundation repairs, you may have already noticed some tell-tale clues. Schedule a commercial foundation inspection in Houston if doors in your building fail to latch or you see cracks in the walls. Usually cracks will surface over windows or doors, but they often appear where the ceiling and wall meet as well.

You will also need to contact a specialist who handles commercial foundation inspection surveys if you notice cracks in the ceramic tile in your office, or if you notice that certain windows cannot be completely shut. Those are just some of the interior dilemmas you may be facing. You also need to survey the outside of your building.

When you have a commercial foundation inspection performed, the engineer will check the foundation from corner to corner. The walls should be straight, whether you are looking at them from one side to the next or up and down. Leaning walls are inspected with a level.

When a bulge is seen in a concrete wall or block foundation, it may be a sign that the foundation has shifted. It also may indicate that the soil surrounding the foundation is expanding and contracting, thereby placing pressure on the walls.

Does the Soil Slope Away?

When an inspection is made, the evaluator also check the posts in basements to make sure they are straight. They should firmly support beams and rest solidly on concrete piers. Other signs that a foundation needs repair work include wet framing or puddles. The soil should also slope away from the base of a structure at about six inches for each ten feet horizontally.

To learn more about foundation inspections and repairs, visit the website The more you know about the process, the more confident you will feel about going ahead with any type of foundation repairs.


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