Tire Shop in San Antonio Provides a Wide Range of Services

When you go to a tire shop in San Antonio you expect to receive some excellent deals on car or truck tires. You’ll also enjoy services like tire repair, mounting and balancing. However, some full-service shops offer a wide range of services. In fact, they may be the only shop you require for your car’s needs. Here are some of the good things you can find.

Air Conditioning Service

Texas summers can be hot, humid and miserable for a long time. In fact, air conditioning is more of a necessity than a luxury these days. Your full-service tire shop in San Antonio provides exceptional air conditioning repair services. You can bring your car in for a seasonal checkup to make sure you stay cool all summer long.


Are you having problems starting your car? The problem could be the battery. Your full-service shop is more than happy to check your battery. If it is bad, they have the right one for your needs and can install it in just a few minutes.


Do you notice a strange noise every time you apply the brakes? This could be a sign that you need new brake linings. Maybe your brake warning light is on. You should take your car to brake professionals at your full-service tire shop in San Antonio. They have all the tools and training to make sure your brakes are in perfect condition.

Hoses and Belts

When a belt or hose suddenly breaks, you could be stranded for some time. This is why your full-service tire professionals check belts and hoses when they change the oil and perform other services. It’s easy and inexpensive to replace a worn or cracked belt or hose before trouble develops. This can save you a great deal of expenses and headaches in the future.

Diesel Engines

If your vehicle runs on diesel you can’t take it to just any garage. You need professionals who understand diesel engines and have experience. A full-service tire shop in San Antonio can take care of your diesel engine needs.

Engine Overhauls

Is your old engine on its last legs? You may be better off with a major overhaul. It could save you many thousands of dollars over the price of a new car or engine. Some full-service shops can rebuild your engine so it will run as good as new and it may not cost as much as you think.

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