Medallions Are Swinging in the Ride Share Program Controversy

As the world has changed, so have the modes of popular transportation evolved.  While cities all over the world have found maintaining vibrantly successful mass transit systems challenging, taxi services have grown to such strength that they stand to gouge customers hoping to save themselves the painstaking trek across broads spans.  Reasonably priced cab service is rather an oxymoron, but the golden wheels of the such services may finally have met their match in the ride share program systems that have grown from app to service approaches to branding better methods.

In just about any city you can name across the United States of America, regular people like you are downloading easy to use apps, becoming acquainted with the easiest personal transport options possible, and making their own custom arrangements for sharing rides that might cover only a few blocks or could cover several miles.  Apps like Uber, the earliest true ride share program success story, make private rides to just about anywhere in any city easy to arrange, more dependable and inexpensive. Such success for Uber has inspired similar companies like Lyft to strive to achieve more of the market for themselves.

The success of these services has struck a disagreeable chord with the taxi driver unions, who see the competition Uber and Lyft introduce into the mix as unfair. Those paying for the rides are bound to have a different perspective, especially as they note that taxi drivers are often not as likely to show up in as timely a manner as ride share program drivers . Furthermore, taxi unions have long limited the number of medallions, or credentials, allowed into a market at any one time to ensure unnaturally elevated pay standards for cab drivers.

While the introduction of any ride share program to the general transportation options of a community forces a certain amount of evolution to the laws and regulations in place, consumers know that such evolution is likely to add to a lot of desirable changes.  Swinging medallions aside, Uber and Lyft promise to rock the road in a good way.

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