Tips to Reduce Flood Damage Need flood control in Niles, IL,?

Flooding is a common problem that many homeowners face at one time or another. Flooding can occur after prolonged rainfall which can lead to water in basements. It is very important that you keep your house in good repair and create good drainage to reduce or stop flood damage. Here are a few tips to reduce flood damage.

  1. Gutters and Drains- Gutters are also important means for getting water away from your home’s foundation. Keep drainage systems and gutters clear to carry water away from your property.
  2. Sump Pump System – Install a sump pump system- a good defense against flooding. The sump pump’s job is to pump the water out of the pit and away from the property so the basement stays dry. Consider a back-up battery-powered pump that will work if the power goes out.
  3. Fix leaks immediately – Leaky allow water to get into houses which can weaken the structure and provide a perfect habitat for fungi. Wet spots on the ceilings or cracks in the foundation need to be fixed as on as it is safe to do, or when the material is dry enough to fix. Hire a plumbing company to fix any leaks immediately.
  4. Purchase Flood Insurance – Typically, homeowner’s insurance doesn’t cover flooding, a separate policy is required. Check with your insurance provider about flood insurance availability and cost. Contact a plumbing company if you have any questions about flood control in Niles, IL.

If you need flood control in Niles, IL, call North Coast Sewer and Drainage or visit us at to schedule an appointment. We are a leader in the plumbing industry!


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