Is Your Home Hot? Its Time to Call the Air Conditioning Specialists

The summer months can make a home hot and uncomfortable. Even when summer has a slow start, you should check to see how well your air conditioning is running. You may find out that it is not functioning properly and you need to call repair specialists before the raging high temperatures of summer actually hit. You desperately need to find a competent air conditioning Specialist in Denver, CO. Make sure your air conditioner works before you end up in the middle of a heat wave.

Let Our Experienced Technicians Handle Your Air Conditioning Repairs

We know that it can be absolutely miserable in a home that has no air conditioning when it is hot outside. Let us assist you in getting your AC unit functioning properly so you can cool off in no time. Your AC unit may need a simple minor repair, or it may require a major overhaul. No matter what type of repairs you need, Rabbit Heating & Air Conditioning is an air conditioning company in Denver, CO that can have your unit back in working order just in time to keep your home from over-heating. Our technicians are licensed and board certified and ready to make sure your AC unit gets the best attention when it comes to repairs.

Consider Having Preventative Maintenance Scheduled

A lot of times people overlook their AC unit when it comes to maintenance. This is a singular part of your home that can make it an oasis, or absolutely uncomfortable. In order to make sure that your AC is in proper working order all the time, it is a great idea to schedule regular maintenance with us.

Our certified technicians will check your AC unit and make sure that it is ready to keep you cool through the hot summer months. We have the parts that are required in case you need any parts replaced on your unit before they ever break.

Your unit will receive a complete tune-up during regularly scheduled maintenance so that it can work with maximize efficiency when it is needed most. Making sure that you have affordable maintenance scheduled can also save you money.

The better your AC unit operates the less money you will spend on your energy bills. Give us a call today to inquire about repairs and maintenance that you need on your current AC unit. We are more than happy to schedule a consultation and can keep your home cool with proper AC services.


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