Tips for Watching Free TV Streaming

Did you know that it’s possible to watch television online for free? There are hundreds of websites that offer free TV streaming of thousands of channels. The only thing you need to take advantage of these websites is a quick internet connection. From there, you can transform your laptop or desktop computer into a home theater to watch all your favorite shows without taking out your wallet.

There are also plenty of options for watching your favorite shows for a minimal price. If you choose the free option, we have some tips to keep in mind as you start on this journey.

Avoid Media Player Downloads

There are certainly legitimate sources of free TV streaming, but there are also many sites that are nothing more than scams. One of the ways you can determine a site isn’t legitimate is if it forces you to download a specific media player to get access to the content. In many cases, these downloads do not contain media players but are instead a sly way to get malware or viruses onto your computer. If you aren’t sure about the download, don’t take chances.

Type of Advertisements

Any free streaming site is likely to have advertisements, as that gives them the money needed to keep the site running. However, if you see popup ads, that can be a bad sign. These ads are most likely to contain viruses. While one or two popups doesn’t mean the site is suspect, you should be wary and cautious. Don’t download anything from these ads and stop any automatic downloads.

Understand the Legal Ramifications

While free streaming is alive and well, be aware that in some case, it isn’t entirely legal. If a free site isn’t allowed to serve the content they are showing; you are contributing to copyright violation. While it’s unlikely, it’s possible to find yourself served with a copyright violation notice. That may or may not dissuade you from your practices, but it’s important to be aware of.

Streaming Software

An alternative to free websites that may or may not be legitimate is the use of streaming software that may carry a minimal charge. Often these sites, such as Premier Stream TV, even offer you a free trial so you can determine if the service fits your needs.


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