Tips for Booking – and Tolerating – Your Long-Distance Medical Transportation

Are you preparing for long-distance medical transport? If so, here are some quick tips for booking the best company in your area – and for enjoying the ride as much as possible.

Ask About Accessibility

Before you book long-distance medical transport, ensure that your transportation provider offers the kind of assistance you will need. If you are wheelchair or bed bound, you will need ramps, lifts, stretchers or other additions to a typical transportation vehicle. If your potential provider isn’t able to accommodate these needs, look elsewhere!

Gather References and Reviews

Any time you’re preparing to trust your health and safety to a professional, you will want to know that they have a reputation for customer service, knowledgeable care, and proper procedure. This is why reviews, recommendations, and references are so important. Ask your physician or healthcare team who to hire. Consider having your medical provider book your transport for you. If this isn’t practical for you, consult with friends and family or peers who have used these services in the past. What you hear from these people will be the most accurate and most valuable information you’ll find anywhere.

Prepare Properly

To avoid complications on the day of your transport, be sure to check and double check your appointment time and arrive on time to catch your ride. Ask for assistance with this if you need. Be sure to pack properly and bring everything you need for both the trip and the stay afterward.

Bust Boredom

Assuming that your healthcare team is able to keep your condition stable during your ride, the worst fear of most patients who undergo long-distance medical transport is boredom. This is an easy fix. Bring your favorite book, a cell phone or tablet with activities available, or something else that will help you pass time. Remember, too, that sleep is not only typically an option, but one of the best if you are ill or injured!

Long-distance medical travel is never a vacation, but it doesn’t have to be unpleasant, either. There are ways to make the process as simple and enjoyable as possible, so take these tips and make your trip better from start to finish!


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