Tips for Moving with Your Cat

by | Feb 1, 2017 | Moving


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When it’s time to move, you want everyone to go through as little stress as possible and this includes feline family members. However, you can’t sit down and talk to cats and expect them to understand about moving to a new home and finding the best long distance movers in Knoxville. However, you can check out these simple tips designed to help your cat though the period of adjustment.

Keep Kitty Confined on Moving Day

There is so much going on during moving, it can upset the cat and he or she will want to run away from all the commotion. With all the open doors, your kitty may sneak out and get lost or hurt. Put the cat in one room with a litter box, food and water. To avoid a mess, place everything on a mat, newspaper or drop cloth. Hang a sign on the door, telling others to keep the door shut. This will keep the long distance movers from accidentally letting the cat out and you won’t have to search the greater Knoxville area for your pet.

Make the Carrier Comfortable

If you have a long ways to travel, put towels or padding in the carrier for comfort. You might not be able to let your cat out for exercise, so it may be a good idea to get a sedative medication from your vet. This will keep kitty calm and make it easier on everyone in the car.

Flying Tips

If you are flying with the cat, make sure to check with your airline first. For example, you may need to get vaccinations and present proof before flying. Also, airlines have regulations on carrier sizes, so make sure yours fits within the rules. When you have questions, long distance movers in Knoxville are the people to turn to. They are there to help make your transfer smooth and successful.

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