Tips for Finding the Correct York AC Compressor

An air conditioning compressor for commercial or industrial use is a central component of the cooling system. Making the right choice on size, capacity and features on any make and model will ensure the system operates efficiently and with limited risk of downtime for anything other than routine maintenance.

The different York AC compressor models are some of the most popular in the industry. They are selected by air conditioning contractors for their dependability and durability as well as the technology that is incorporated into the design. There are different features to consider both with the brand and in air conditioning compressors in general. Paying close attention to these requirements will be critical in making the right choice.

Cooling Capacity

With a York AC compressor, as with any other manufacturer, it will be important to correctly size the compressor for the cooling needs. Sometimes it is assumed that buying a large compressor than needed adds to the efficiency of the unit.
This is not the case, and using an incorrectly sized compressor, either too large to too small, will increase the cost of operation of the system while also decreasing efficiency.


The larger the size of the York AC compressor the higher the horsepower. This includes an increase in weight, which may be a consideration based on the location of the system within or on the building.

Larger horsepower also requires a higher oil charge capacity. There is also an increase in the cubic feet per minute of cool air provided through the system, all factors which have to be considered as part of the selection criteria.

If you are considering repairing a current compressor, think about a remanufactured York compressor. This is not only more cost effective, but it will also ensure you have a like-new system that won’t constantly need increasing repairs as it reaches the end of its lifecycle.


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