Tips For Finding The Best Moving Company

If you are looking for a moving company in Tennessee, the sheer amount of potential candidates for the job should not surprise you. An online search will provide you with a variety of candidates, all with a web presence that makes them look good. Looking like they are the best movers in Memphis or the United States is not enough. It is important they can deliver what you, your family or business requires.

To separate the posers, scam artists and simply unsuitable moving companies from the pros, you will need to research, looking beyond the colorful and positive surface ads on the net. You will need to discover more about the company and its services. You can do so by considering the following tips.

Tip Number 1: Reputation

Always, discover the type of reputation a moving company has. This is crucial. If the company has a positive reputation with friends, reviewers, the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and moving associations, chances are you have a keeper. Do take the time to contact people who have used the service, the BBB and moving associations. Make sure you read all the reviews. Sure, there will be a few negative reviews, but if these are overwhelmed by positive ones, this indicates they may live up to their hype

Tip Number 2: Longevity

A moving company that has survived for several years must be good at what they do. It also indicates the level of experience is high. Longevity is indicative of their track record in this competitive business. They have survived and even thrived while others have failed.

Tip Number 3: Licensing

If you are searching for a company to move your worldly possessions from Memphis to Knoxville, make sure this local moving company has a state license. If, however, you are moving out of state, check to see they have the right type of license – a specific United States Department of Transportation (DOT) number that allows them to move interstate and across the country. Either license can be found by searching the respective databases.

Tip Number 3: Insurance

Check to see that the company has valid insurance. Be sure to note what type of carrier insurance it has. Talk to the agents representing the moving company to see if it will be necessary to get extra coverage through your company to cover any contingencies.

Tip Number 4: Rates/Costs

Check to see what their rates include. Are there any hidden fees or surcharges? Do the rates vary on specific days? Are there seasonal rates that may apply in your Memphis move?

Tip Number 5: Delivery Window/Delivery Date

If this is a long distance move, does the company guarantee a delivery date or do they, more honestly, talk about a delivery window. The former is rarely as accurate as the latter. Being forthcoming about an approximate delivery date for a long distance move allows you to prepare yourself and your family to pack a bag and live out of it for a day or two.

Tip Number 6: Packing Responsibilities

Who is responsible for packing? What does the company offer, and what are your personal responsibilities? Make sure the moving company clearly explains the roles of their crew and you and your family.

Moving and Your Moving Company

Moving can be a nightmare. It can also flow smoothly from start to finish. While sometimes chance plays a role in the outcome, it is usually up to you to choose the right movers. You need to look carefully at the available moving companies and research all pertinent aspects before you arrive at a decision that will make your move to or from Memphis run like a well-oiled Swiss watch.


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