Jewelry Trays. Boxes And Jewelry Displays – What To Avoid

Jewelry displays comprise an important aspect of commercial shop management. Managers who understand this can utilize the various tools available to create imaginative, dramatic, relaxing or dynamic jewelry displays. Using jewelry trays and presentation boxes, a smart manager can help to increase traffic into the store and improve sales. Yet, while it is very important to know how to create impressive and attractive displays, it is just as important to understand how to avoid making costly errors when using trays and other devices.

Common Mistakes in Displaying Jewelry

While errors abound in the promotional world, certain mistakes are more common than others are. Keep these in mind when considering what elements you plan to incorporate with your jewelry trays and presentation boxes into your overall display cases.

* Overcrowding and Clutter: This is common among certain jewelry stores. They attempt to show off as much of the available inventory as is possible. Jewelry trays line up like ornate soldiers without a break creating a barren visual landscape where all the glitz and bling blend into one another.
This tactic prevents potential customers from enjoying the display or singling out a particular item. After you see one row of rings, bracelets or earrings, you will feel you have seen them all.
* No Rhyme or Reason: Items of jewelry seem to be placed without any sort of plan. This includes with cases and in the positioning of jewelry trays. At its worst, the helter-skelter display method reflects not merely one display case or unit but all the display cases in the store.
* The Homogenous Approach: Try to avoid placing like-items with like in a seemingly endless row. While the effect may be hypnotic, it also results in customers seeing bling before their eyes and wanting to go elsewhere for variety. If the items are those who are slow to sell, the effect becomes worst. The merchandise looks like the bargain bin at a large box store. Spread them out instead of putting all inexpensive or similar items in the same jewelry trays or other display venue.
* Horrible Props: Be careful what you add to break up the jewelry trays and presentation boxes. Remember less is more. You may also want to consider not using fake items like silk flowers. Instead, you can try enhancing with live plants or strikingly beautiful and contrasting gem stones or metals
* Lights, Jewelry Trays and Other Items: When adding these into your display mix, make sure they are of the right type. Make certain they do not clutter up a display. You also need to be certain that the combination of items works effectively. This means avoiding clutter, too many extraneous items and even too many of the same or opposing style, texture and color.

Make certain you understand basic principles of design. Take a course or at least read up on how to make displays work. By doing so, you can learn to avoid the pitfalls and make such things as jewelry trays and boxes work for your store.

Organize an Elegant Display Using Jewelry Trays and Boxes

Your store is your passion and your income. It remains up to you and your staff to make certain you employ everything to create a positive and enticing environment for customers. By avoiding poor techniques like overcrowding and poor placement, you can make your products stand out. Always carefully consider your use of jewelry trays and boxes every time you set out to create a new display or refresh an old one.


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